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About CarlijnQ 

Motherhood has been the inspiration for CarlijnQ. A fresh, sustainable brand with cool designs, soft materials and comfortable fits. Just what a species needs. You have CarlijnQ in the fun, good colors and unisex styles. And all this sustainably produced.

CarlijnQ likes to do something for a better and cleaner world so that all our children can also enjoy themselves. The garments are made of (GOTS certified) organic cotton, which means that the products are made in an environmentally friendly way, without any use of chemicals or additives. The people who work on the CarlijnQ collections do this under certainties and are paid fairly. This should of course be normal, but unfortunately it is far from being.

CarlijnQ collection

You will find the distinct designs of CarlijnQ for babies, boys and girls.

  • CarlijnQ baby clothes
  • CarlijnQ children's clothing