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    Clay an island and place a (tree) hut on it. The wiser and more convenient you are, the more complicated you can make your structure. Usually young children are mainly concerned with creating a beautiful island. Older children pay more attention to building a tree house with many floors. A living cave, swimming pool, shower, walkway, rope ladder, elevator, slide, helipad, playset and flag? Everything is possible.


    The basis of each package is the same: river clay, practical tips and all kinds of wooden sticks. You also get artificial grass, a plastic beast, rope, fabric, carpet, natural materials and all kinds of extraordinary residual materials! ATTENTION: The Tree House Pack may contain small (pointed) parts, which are not suitable for young children who put things in their mouth! Need anything else? A scissor and glue. Double sided tape can be handy but it is not necessary. 

    Pakje Plezier - a social enterprise

    Pakje Boomhut was commissioned by Villa Zebra. This is a museum and art laboratory especially for children. The content of each Pack of Tree House consists of (industrial) residual materials and finds from the thrift store. The packaging, the postcards, sticks and the clay are bought new. Adults with a mental (and physical) disability cut and cut all materials to size for you and pack the craft packages. They do this work with great pleasure and dedication at work center De Makerij in Rotterdam Schiebroek!