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    A color that symbolizes the sky and the sea, marine blue reminds us to remain curious and hopeful. Inspired by the inquisitive nature of children, this kid's skirt comes in an intense shade of sapphire blue. An elastic waist and pockets have been incorporated into the design, making it comfy and fun to wear.

    Capsule wardrobe - less but better. Chose items of which you think will match and make sure you can make several outfit combinations with only a few items. Check out our related products how we would combine this item.


    Be Kind wants to contribute to a more authentic and honest clothing industry. How? Through a collection that is beautiful and durable on the outside and on the inside.

    Be Kind is honest and transparent about the things they make, which choices they make and in which steps they still hope to take. In this Be Kind wants to take you and your children on a little bit of a journey through clothing, to show how you can contribute positively to a better world.

    Be Kind hopes that children become curious about the story behind their clothing, their things and the people they encounter.


    95% GOTS certified organic cotton, 5% elastane, made in Holland

    Washing instructions

    Wash me only when needed and please do not exceed 30 degrees Celsius