teeth soother lion - mustard

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    Cute lion made in 100% natural rubber for soothing babies sore gums. Every texture on the rubber toy stimulates baby's sense of sight, hearing, smell, touch and tast. The rubber toy fits the tiny hands and helps to keep babies calm and distracted

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    13 x 10 cm 

    where and what are these made of?

    100% natural rubber, made in China

    Konges Sløjd

    Konges Sløjd is a Danish brand which vouches for quality, functionality and simplicity. All of their products are manufactured at factories with proper working conditions. The highest attention has been paid to every little detail of all products. They have undergone a thorough process before reaching the lovely customers. The design philosophy is to make tasteful children’s interior design and items that bring the little ones joy, and which, at the same time, make visual sense to the parents.