The team

Milck is founded by Chantal. But I am not all alone. Yves, my partner, is also involved in Milck. Next to this my nephew Mads has applied for packaging manager and my mother cannot wait to promote Milck to her friends and to help wherever that is necessary.

Who are you - the lady behind Milck?

My name is Chantal. 32 years old. Together with my love Yves, proud mom of Mick & Maeve and really adores Freddy (our cat). We just moved from Amsterdam to a village nearby the beach, Heiloo. I am a former hospitality junkie who always wanted to start her own business.

I graduated at the International Hotelschool at The Hague. I have worked for a great company called Ahold and figured out that I was not build for a 9 to 5 job. I have been a restaurant / club manager in several places in Amsterdam and at the beach of Holland. We found out that it was hard to combine my working hours with the office working hours of Yves and our little family life. I decided this was the time to start that business.

Why Milck?

The love and passion for fashion combined with motherhood was the basis to start with Milck. Since my pregnancy I was intrigued with the world of baby products. At the same time sustainability became more and more import for me. Our son is called Mick, and combined this with a term for kids ‘Milk’, we decided to name the company Milck. An online store for playful organic goods in a way that fits us.

What does Milck means to you?

We are aiming for the following 3 things and these are explaining what Milck is for me:

Sustainability ; This means that we think about the environment, humans and animals in every choice we need to make. This does not mean we are doing everything perfect but we are conscious and try to find a good way. Also we would like to inspire and motivate our customers with this.

Quality ; All of our items needs to be long lasting and so be made out of good quality materials. We believe it is better to have a few good items than to have a lot of bad ones which will not last. Less, but better. Also, our service stands for quality. You can ask us everything and we would love to help you.

Playful ; All of the above we do in our own quirky way. I love to find items you will never forget. I am always looking for brands who dare to be a little bit different. Pieces with a good story, a cool fitting or awesome prints and colors makes me the happiest. Something about it has to be unique, this also can be the story behind it. We love to hear the story behind a brand or collection and share it with our customers.

Want to know more?

Stay up to date via our newsletter and follow us on Instagram (@milck_nl). If you have a specific question or something else to tell us, please fill in the contact form. We are incredibly excited to see kids in goods we have found for you!

Lots of love,